Monday, May 04, 2009

MYCOKEREWARDS : Is it AT&T that's preventing easy entry of codes on an iPhone?

Today, while I was trying to contact Coca-Cola regarding an issue with my cellphone number becoming unregistered at MYCOKEREWARDS.COM (Thereby not allowing me to enter codes via text message) - I happened upon this in the FAQ section:

This has happened to me now 5 separate times in the year I've had my account registered. To give you a better idea of what's happening ... here's a screenshot of my texts for entering codes.

Coke is saying it's a carrier issue that they don't have an iPhone app? Or are they saying the only way to access MYCOKEREWARDS is through their mobile website or through SMS?

Apple and AT&T allow user authentication for at least 3 apps I have on my iPhone. The MyCokeRewards Yahoo Widget that allows quick code entry [pictured] for PCs and Macs is written in Javascript - which would be easy to transcode. It would be extremely easy to create an app for the iPhone. Coke just doesn't want to do it. There is no technical or physical hurdle to Coca-Cola regarding iPhone code entry ... but obviously this issue [as mentioned above] is happening enough to merit a specific response in the Support FAQ section of MYCOKEREWARDS.COM regarding iPhone users.

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