Monday, May 04, 2009

iPhone Snaps

This is a picture of my son taken with my iPhone at the Clemson Horticultural Gardens over the weekend ... the picture came out very symbolic of a 5 year old's "life ahead".

This is a picture of a baby badger that was in a tree.

This was a picture taken at the same gardens as the previous two pictures ... the photo makes it look like an evil eye - it's actually a pond of water.

This is a picture[above] of a Lamborghini that is currently for sale at the Range Rover dealership in Greenville South Carolina. It's an interesting looking car.

1 comment:

I am a lover of children's literature said...

I love the pic of your son. Makes you wonder where he is going, what he is thinking. I typically love such dreaming pics that make you ask questions.

Great shot! As for the car, I much rather buy one of the new Mercedes SL 550's that are for sale just down the street from me! Too bad they cost a lot of money of which I have only a little of myself!

Oh well, I guy can always dream, can't he?