Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Creationism: Hold Your Tongue When Calling Intelligent Design; Stupid

As reported by FoxNews:

Student Wins Lawsuit Over High School Teacher's Comments Disparaging Creationism

A federal judge ruled that a public high school history teacher violated the First Amendment when he called creationism "superstitious nonsense" during a classroom lecture

This is a good win - although I'm not sure it should have been taken to court. I guess the best thing about this news is that more people seeing the word "Creationism" will be curious.

If you're curious; check out my review of the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

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Anonymous said...

It is really a win for the first amendment. The issue isn't about creationism or intelligent design so much as public institutions shouldn't be commenting on religion in a pro or con fashion.

If anything this validates the notion that Creationism/Inelligent Design are not science but religious ideology and have no place in public education. As a supporter of science I can get behind this ruling.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Since scientists haven't proven evolution, therefore public education shouldn't be promoting it, evolution, as science.

It's just a theory, nothing has been proven. Evolutionists would have you believe that anyone who doesn't believe in evolution is ignorant, which is strange, since many scientist now have grave doubts about evolution.

Evolution is just nothing more than ideology based on ignorance, especially since evolutionist refuse to accept scientific fact or proven laws such as the law of biogenesis - life comes only from life, not from non-life!


Paul Douglas said...

I am a lover of children's literature...

I have nothing wrong with people supporting Intelligent Design Theory, but please stop representing evolution as a theory. It is scientific fact. The Theory is Natural Selection, which is not the same thing.

FYT said...


The mistake that is so often made is that evolution COMPETES with Intelligent Design ... The Creation Museum satisfactorily explained and presented to me that evolution supports Intelligent Design.

Anonymous said...

I am a lover of children's literature...

Based on your post it is pretty clear that you are confused on what science is. Science is a process by which we learn and understand the natural world. That process is the Scientific method. In the Scientific method the last step before becoming a Law is being a Theory. With respect to Science a Theory is not just some persons idea, but rather an idea that has been vetted, studied and has a large amount of evidence to back it up. It is indeed as close to fact as you can get.

By your assertions, we should not teach about gravity in school as it is only a scientific Theory. The list of Theories that we take as fact goes on and on. The Theory of Evolution absolutely belongs in Science just as much as Gravity. Neither Creationism nor Intelligent Design belong in Science as neither has advance past the hypothesis stage. That is not to say that people shouldn't believe them. People are free to believe whatever they want, but they are not Science and Evolution is.

You claim that many scientists have "grave concerns" about evolution and this is more linguistic gymnastics. The fact is that the majority ( 95% to be exact) feel the Theory of Evolution is correct. You may consider 5% to be many (and mind you that is 5% of all not just biologists) but I consider it to be fairly small.

Lastly you point to Biogenesis as proof that Evolution is incorrect. This pretty much verifies that in addition to not really understanding Science you also don't really understand what you are arguing against. Evolution is not about the origin of life and the origin of life is not covered by Evolution. Evolution is a theory about changes in organisms over time. Again, nothing about the origin of life. So, Biogenesis is really irrelevant.

Paul Douglas said...


That is very true, I have often said that opposing Evolution on the grounds of belief in Intelligent Design is preposterous because Evolution is about the how not the why. The why I'm afraid is still up in the air, at the moment we have insufficient evidence to categorically say one way or the other. And by "insufficient" I mean we have virtually none. It's a case of believe what you wanna believe right now.