Monday, April 27, 2009


Forbes obtained the deposition of Steve Jobs regarding stock options backdating (which is now settled)

PDF transcript of testimony:

Here's some select tidbits:

Q: First of all, could you describe for us your educational background since high school?

I attended Reed College for six months in Portland Oregon and then I dropped out, but I was a drop-in for approximately another 18 months.

Q: And when you say you were "a drop-in" does that mean you went back to Reed at some point in time?

That means I was a student that couldn't afford to pay, so I was sleeping on floors and in friends' dorm rooms and stuff

Q: Did you ultimately obtain a degree from Reed or any other college?


Q: Other than your tenure at Reed than that you have described, do you have any formal education post high school?


Q: During your tenure at Reed, did you ever happen to take any classes on business or accounting?



Q: Can we just sort of briefly go over your employment history, I guess after 1973.

I was employed at Atari, maker of video games

Q: What timeframe?

I don't know, early 70's

Q: Okay?

And then my partner Steve Wozniak, and I started Apple about 1975- or 6. And then I was basically fired from Apple about ten years after that.

Who else on this planet can say I'm a high school graduate, a college clown, and have been CEO of two of the most recognizable names in pop culture AND business.

There's also some really juicy stuff about former CFO Fred Anderson about "meeting with Dell".

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Anonymous said...

Thank god he never went to business school. The Mac might look like something spewed out of Dell.