Saturday, April 18, 2009

The iPhone As A Car Key?

AutoBlogGreen is reporting that the new electic vehicle The PeaPod will be using an iPhone as a GPS navigation device, a green advisor, and trip computer (and possibly speedometer), plus the most innovative use of the iPhone yet ... a secure car key!

This is what I'm hoping the Automotive X-Prize entrants (Are you listening Aptera?) will integrate into their cars.

* Both pictures, courtesy AutoBlogGreen


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Rather cool looking thing isn't it! The iPod integration is interesting too.

Bob said...

I was confused on this statement of your post "switched to Verizon", shoud it be "switched from Verizon"?

FYT said...

Fixed ... thanks

Keith Mirchandani said...

Hi my name is Keith Mirchandani and I love the idea of having my iphone become my car keys as I am always losing them.

Great Technology! Keep up the great work.

Best Regards

Keith Mirchandani Tristar Products Inc