Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Manage and Protect Your Reputation Online

The New York Times has an interesting story on "Managing Your Online Reputation" to save business. What they don't mention is that the opposite can sometimes be true ... can a business ruin a webmaster by vicious search engine optimization? I'd say, "Yes".

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As some of my readers know ... I was sued for posting a negative story about the owner of an eBay consignment business called Bidzirk. Over the last two years, he has paid SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) after SEO and it has had a huge impact on my traffic - as in downward traffic. I've posted far more stories that have been on Slashdot, DIGG, and Mac News websites, plus I've been featured in several "Best Of The Web" publications - yet my traffic is down. It is solely attributable to Bidzirk trying to burying my story.

You have to think about the opposite circumstance - the more you try to bury bad comments are you in turn also damaging the webmaster whose comments you are trying to bury?

I’d say, "Yes" to that question.

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