Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skype App Now Available For The iPhone

Skype was released by eBay as promised on Tuesday March 31 2009.

As expected, the VOIP app requires a WiFi connection to make and receive calls; it will also handle conference calling - albeit limited. The 1st version doesn't have SMS capability, call waiting, the integrated voicemail tool.

Skype text chat, unlike voice traffic, will work over an EDGE or 3G connection.

I already use Fring - that can talk to the Skype voice network. On a jailbroken iPhone you can use Skype over the 3G connection.

Know that when calling another Skype user (to a Skype line on a computer) that typical phone call laws DO NOT APPLY.

BUT, if you are calling from Skype to a land line or cellphone the law governing the person you are calling applies.

Please check out my comprehensive reference on RECORDING TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS [below]

Recording Phone Call Laws: State by State

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

Personally, I never cared for Skype or other VOIP products. Of course, maybe if I had friends I would think differently.

I do remember though, for six months I had free calls to all of Canada and the States. That was fun, because when I was bored, I would call restaurants on the west coast, as for their menu and prices and ask if they delivered?

Somehow, even though I enjoyed it, they never seem to enjoy the fact that I was on they east coast well they, were on the west coast, 3,000 miles away!

Why they they felt that way, beats me?