Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Sound Advice For Bands ...

I've pretty much turned February 2009 into "Music Month" here on FIXYOURTHINKING ...

Here's some more really good ideas that have come up in posts and unpublished comments:

1) The band The Presidents Of The United States Of America recently released all of their music in a cool iPhone application. I postulated that this was clever - just like the arcade game Journey from the 80's. This is the kind of thinking that will get your band really far, really quick.

2) I thought of this idea the other night while discussing this article. I was in a restaurant called Sonny's Barbeque ... I noticed music playing over the speakers while I was dining. Sonny's is a mostly local chain (to me) with an originating franchise in the southeast. I thought the same thing about Zaxby's - also a local chain. If your band lives near the founder of a business ... see if you can talk to them to play your music over their intercom/speakers for their customers for a month. After each song say something like:

[RECORDED] "Hi, I'm Dave and you've been listening to my band The Davesters ... that was our song "Dave Gave, But You Didn't". You can find our band on iTunes ... just search for The Davesters. Thanks.

3) From an unpublished comment:

"Don't try to emulate the success of another band. There isn't a formula. A lot has to do with using common sense, creativity, and luck."

4) Record a song or two that relates to a holiday, a day of the week, a month, a celebration, a year, a decade, or special event. Try to get that song played on the radio or at that special day or event. Your song could be licensed into perpetuity for use on that day.

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