Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So what happened to that bogus "FTD Gift Card" promotion from MyPoints

While I still think MyPoints is a good rewards program and I will continue to use them ... I really think they dropped the ball on this promotion.

Here's what ended up happening ...

The webmaster of COMPARE-REWARDS.COM googled because she thought ripped off by the promotion as well. That led her to my article. She contacted me and then after a bit of correspondence between us; she emailed an insider at MyPoints.

Here's the response I received:

Dear Philip,

Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Services.

First of all we would like to thank you for reporting this issue. Due to valuable input from members such as yourself, we reviewed the offer and agree that the copy for the free FTD Holiday promotion could be misleading as MyPoints members are mailed a promotional coupon URL printed on a physical card. Thus we had changed the copy for this promotion to read "Free $15 FTD Coupon" to prevent any potential member confusion, before ultimately taking it down. Please note that MyPoints teamed up with FTD to create this offer to pass along special savings to our best members, and this was not intended for general public distribution.

We appreciate the effort you made to bring this to our attention and have awarded Goodwill Points to your account. We value input from our members and encourage you to continue sending us feedback you might consider useful.

Furthermore we would like to offer you the opportunity to return your unused gift cards for a full Point-refund. Please mail the reward to the address below with a brief explanation of the situation (a printout of your original message to us will suffice), your full name, and your email address. Please note that the Fulfillment department will only refund your Points if the reward is in good condition.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for our Fulfillment Department to receive and process your returned reward. At the end of this process, Points will be returned to your account so that you may re-redeem for a fully-funded card.

MyPoints.com, Inc.
P.O. Box 681517
Schaumburg, IL 60168-1384

Members like you are our number-one priority, and we want to keep you happy. If you still have questions, you can reply to this email. Thank you again for your support of the MyPoints program.


Kenneth Baird
Member Services Manager

That's a bunch of fine and dandy cut and paste PR. Here's why I say that with little gratitude ...

I received 1500 points credited to my account - termed "goodwill points".

According to COMPARE-REWARDS.COM calculations - this equals $6.30 at it's best redemption rate.

It was also "generously" but half hearted/half brained offered for me to send the unused gift cards at my expense back to MyPoints for a credit.

These cards were ordered in early December for Christmas gifts to my teenage daughter. She would have gotten relatively nothing had I not given them to her and she has already redeemed them. My wife's birthday was January 11th - I had planned to use the $75.00 worth of FTD "gift cards" to get flowers sent to her work (maybe birthday or extra Christmas love). Alas ... better "discounts" could be had if you just went to the regular FTD website and applied commonly googled coupon codes.

Here's another slightly sneaky misrepresentation about this promotion. You do NOT receive ANY MYPOINTS if you bought through the link. But if you bought after linking through the affiliate in the email or on the MYpoints website you did. The www.ftd.com/ftdgift link actually REMOVED THE MYPOINTS COOKIE from your hard drive and replaces it with a new one that does not award MYpoints. While not a big deal - this cheats you out of an additional $3.15 savings if your 750 point bonus for buying from FTD isn't received.

I sent Kenneth Baird a note expressing that I didn't really want points - instead I thought an apology to all MyPoints members who received the FTD "cards" would be better.

I fully expect that the March newsletter from MyPoints will include how someone used the FTD Gift card and was so excited!


I have asked the SC Attorney General to followup with this.

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Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed that I was not able to use this $15 FTD rewards card! My parents celebrate their 54th anniversary and I wanted them to have some beautiful flowers. That did'nt happen thanks to this boggus card! I am sending it back though!