Monday, February 02, 2009

How do I put an AMAZON search box on my website?

After searching for days on how to add an Amazon search box on my website to make affiliate linking easier - I finally found the page on AMAZON.COM and thought I would share it with everyone and hopefully get the message out into the search engines more prominently than all of the con sites trying to get you to put their link on your page or giving you some sort of bogus HTML code that either doesn't work or has to be tweaked.

First you want to register your website or blog with AMAZON ASSOCIATES:

You can do that at this link

After registering, go to

From that page - click on the graphic that looks like this:

You will be redirected to a page where the proper HTML code can be copied and pasted to your website or blog.

You have two sizes to choose from.

AMAZON ASSOCIATES pays from between 1.75% - 8% for each purchase and or search link made from the "SEARCH BOX".

I would encourage you to always use this site, your own site, or favorite website's "SEARCH BOX" when buying from Amazon. It doesn't cost you any more and helps support your favorite sites.

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