Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Aptera officially announces the 2e

One of my most linked to articles is:

Apple: The Only Company Capable Of Revolutionizing The Car Industry

As reported by AutoBlogGreen:

... Aptera's 2e electric car, now on display at this year's Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference. The 1,500-pound aerodynamic vessel has just a 0.15 coefficient of drag and features a smart key, emergency tire inflation, and energy-reflective solar glass. Inside, [it's] got LED dome lights mounted overhead, a DVD-based navigation system, optional rear backup camera, and interior fabrics / plastics made from recycled materials. The company's still touting 100 miles on a single charge of the 10 to 13 kWh lithium ion phosphate battery pack. No new details on price, which we last heard would be between $25,000 and $45,000 ...

I do have one quip about one feature - the DVD based navigation system. This item almost certainly has to weigh more than an iPhone/Garmin solution or integration. One of the reasons Aptera has interested me so much is their PR regarding weight saving wherever and however they can make it. A pound is a pound and over ten years of driving could add up to a meal at McDonald's in savings. It seems trivial but I thought it worth noting because of their extensive mention of this in the media.

I'll maintain that with the car industry failing - it seems ripe for Apple to jump in just as they did with the iPod (and really even with the iPhone) to shake things up - I think Aptera has the most going for it and Apple's $20 billion (or say $5B of it) would be perfect for making this a reality for everyone in the USA and abroad - they should buy THIS company! It could also create a lot of jobs right here in the US.


Anonymous said...

If Apple Bought the Aptera company, the first thing they would do is raise the price $10,000.00

FYT said...

Ha ha ...

Actually ... with them considering a $25,000 price tag - a bump to $35,000 would certainly help Aptera out.