Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another way to spend a billion - but really all it'd cost is $100 million!

While surfing a recently linked to blog (APPLE DIFFERENT BLOG) I noticed this article: An Idea: An Apple T-Shirt with every computer.

I had thought of this way before I even started blogging on this site.

The Apple logo stickers are genius and always have been - even though the rainbow Apple logo was sometimes confused with gay pride.

Just as people put the Apple logo stickers on their vehicles - this would be an immense amount of free advertising.

As bonus income - they could sell the T-Shirts in Apple Retail Stores - something I have NEVER understood why they don't do already. T-Shirts are HUGE profit margins and Apple could sell just plain black short sleeve and long sleeve T-Shirts with screen printed logos by the thousands each month. It would easily pay for one employee salary in the store each year.

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