Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Can Now Print From Your iPhone

One of the most popular posts on this site is my article about printing from the iPhone:

Will I Be Able To Print From The iPhone"

In that article, I speculated about a possible bluetooth printing implementation before the official iPhone launch in June 2007.

The only complete printing solution I've found is this one:

* The Ricoh 410DN Wireless Hotspot Printer

I did an article about it here:

A Hidden Gem at MacWorld: An iPhone Printer

Last weekend, I downloaded a number of apps from the iTunes App Store to my iPhone. One of them was Hewlett Packard's new HP iPrint Application.

HP iPrint iTunes App Store Link

Unfortunately, there are a number of things you must know how to do and that you might have to set up differently about your printer to enable it.

Here are the instructions for setting it up on a Mac.

My MacBook, with which I followed the process below, has Mac OS X 10.5.6 Leopard installed.

It is important that you follow these steps in this order.

First ... you will need an HP Wifi capable printer. Mine is an HP 470w wireless portable printer. It is important that the HP printer you're using to set up iPhone printing - be WiFi and not bluetooth.

The "iPrint" application will not work with bluetooth.

Second ... obviously you need to download the "HP iPrint" application from the iTunes App Store.
(You can use the link above if you wish.)

Now ... In your Wifi menu on your Mac; select "Create Network".

In the name field, call the new network "Printing Network"

(You can name the new network anything you wish, but the more generic but descriptive is best.)

Leave the "channel" field as automatic, leave "require password" unchecked

Next ... set up your wireless printer. Use the software CD included with your printer, or the application that is installed on your hard drive (from a previous install) - you need to run HP Setup Assistant. (This can be located in your APPLICATIONS folder. Look for the Hewlett-Packard folder.Inside find HP Set Up Assistant.) If you can't find it on your hard drive, just run it off your original CD. If you do not have the original CD, go to HP.COM and download new driver/setup software.

Five ... the iPrint application will print anything in your "Camera Roll" that is contained in the Photo storage on your iPhone. This means that "iPrint" can print screenshots. Screenshots are stored in the Photo storage on your iPhone by default.

To take a screenshot with your iPhone; hold down the home button (circular button at the bottom center front of the iPhone) and the sleep/power button (on top opposite headphone port) ... the screen will flash.

Launch the "HP iPrint" application on your iPhone.

Choose the picture you'd like to print or choose the screenshot - say of a map or of a webpage or application in motion that you've taken.

Connect to the new network you created (The application should do this automatically)

The printing seems very fast.


If you set the wireless printer up this way - you do not have to have the computer or the router from your home to use the application. If you add the printer to home router though ... you will not be able to print to the printer without having both the computer and the wireless router turned on.

The only way I know of for printing multiple pages of text is to use the Ricoh printer as mentioned above or utilizing page by page screenshots as mention here.

Your iPhone screenshot will print out in a 5x7 format.

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