Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MACRUMORS.COM live feed hacked during Macworld keynote

Apparently the macrumors.com website - which redirects to macrumorslive.com during an Apple press event - was hacked.

All of the sudden ... I started seeing the URL "http://m.attew.net" pop up and then "STEVE JOBS JUST DIED" ... then weird stuff mixed with gay and obscene slurs popped up.

I switched over to engadget's coverage at 1PM

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

This is so strange! I wonder who hacked it and why? I guess we may never know; I watched the whole thing via engadget myself and wouldn't have known had you not commented on it.

Anyway, even though the keynote was somewhat subdued, Phil, I thought, gave a good presentation and it proves that Apple can, and will survive once the big man himself inevitably decides to leave, as surely he will someday.