Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All of the 5 people that bought a Zune ...

Should read this .... YIKES!

What does the Mac Fanatic give a pet hamster for Christmas?

An Apple shaped snack of course!

She's already eaten the other two ... there was one red one and two green ones ... they are made from alfalfa.

Fake Apple / Apple logo Bluetooth Headset

I recently bought this bluetooth headset at my local flea market:

It actually works pretty well ... but is a very shameful knockoff.

Pairing code on your cellphone is "0000"

Some thoughts on Apple & Psystar

A regular reader posted this on my website last night under an older story and I think its a great read:

I've been thinking about all this in relation to some other stuff recently... I had a lot to say so I posted it on my website at

I so wish I could talk about this ... I actually know who is behind ALL of Apple's stock manipulation and Psystar.

Thanks for the submission JensonB

Monday, December 29, 2008

Big gifts this Christmas: iPhones / Bluetooth headsets

If the posts on my website are any indication of iPhone sales .... sales were HUGE for Apple this Christmas.

I got 31 comments from Christmas Eve until 8AM EST time Monday December 29th 2008 on my various bluetooth pairing instruction posts ... all thanking me for providing them.

If you have a bluetooth headset and can't figure out how to pair it ... feel free to post your phone number and the cellphone and headset you have. If I can help, I'll call you and walk you through it for free. If you post the information, don't worry, it won't be published ... I'll delete the comment when I call.

Picking up the crumbs ...

Here's the way it supposedly works, they left out the huge middle man though.

A story on the webbate ebay affiliate BIG CRUMBS has seen a lot of action over the holiday ...

I have had to reject nearly 30 comments this month from this story ... all placed for moderation by shills from Integral Technologies.

Here's the latest comment that I didn't approve:

Also, I see that you say that you hear from the BigCrumbs staff and then you say that you only hear from referrals. What is it?

"Notice that NOT A SINGLE legit person can post to this blog without leaving their affiliate link ... the poster above is scum."

How would you know that I am legit if I don't leave my link???

You are an idiot!


Here's the latest comment that I did approve:

BIGCRUMBS IS A HUGE SCAM!! HERE IS MY HORROR STORY. BigCrumbs is indeed wonderful until you start accumulating a bigger cashback. I've purchased hundreds and hundreds of ebay items through bigcrumbs link. So I've accumulated a significant cashback amount and guess what happened then. Vincent S. Martin, the owner of BigCrumbs, deleted my account. That's it, no communication, nothing. When I emailed customer service, the single email I've received was that I've had several unpaid items. Awesome excuse to steal money. There is no phone number available, anywhere. By the way, his so called "parent company" Integral Technologies Inc. is his company to cover up his scams.

Bottom line ... use or eBay's own affiliate program and whatever you do - NEVER FOLLOW A LINK placed by an existing BIG CRUMBS member or self proclaimed "Big Crumbs Lover".

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

iPhone Snaps

These first two pictures are of billboards that are STILL UP near my local flea market. VERY BITTER!

The guy who put up the "Don't trust the taxpayers association" sign is a real whack job. He used to steals Macs off of my Apple computers lots that I won at a local school district auction.

This is ridiculous ... IF I WERE CEO of GM ... I'd have had a $50 above actual cost sale MONTHS AGO!

Monday, December 08, 2008

An idea I toyed around with

Here's a picture of something I toyed around with but rejected for my John Gruber story:

Monday, December 01, 2008

iPhone Snaps

This is a picture of a cool set of carry-on luggage that I saw at Wal-Mart.

This is a picture of a very poignant project that my 5 year old son did for Kindergarten homework ... he thought of this all on his own but I don't think realized the awesome symbolism.

I was shocked to see this on my walk two weeks ago ... OUTRAGEOUS! This is an energy drink marketed to teens called COCAINE - it comes in this red bull like can and even has a website address on it - WWW.ILOVECOCAINE.COM