Monday, November 03, 2008

A review of a Sinbad comedy concert ...

From The Daily Collegian [A Penn State College Paper]:

Sinbad was hilarious, but at the same time realistic. He made people laugh, but did it in a way many comedians today do not -- he didn't curse. Ever get the feeling watching some comedians that they feel some insatiable desire to curse in most of their routines?

Sinbad never gave this impression as he appeared comfortable and maintained an easygoing rapport with the crowd, conversing freely. At times, some of his best laughs came when he put audience members on the spot. For instance, he responded to one audience member who asked about his chances of a romance with "World" co-star Jasmine Guy with, "Like you got a chance."

Also unlike other comedians, Sinbad did not elicit laughter at the expense of oppressed people. His humor was not tinged with any of the -isms: racism, sexism, or homophobia. In other words, Sinbad told what I call a "straight joke." In my opinion, these are the best to tell.

His delivery and timing were excellent. In his first appearance, Sinbad really attempted to go the extra mile for the audience. I sensed sincerity and a willingness to come down to the fans' level and communicate with them.

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Anonymous said...

I attended a comedy concert in my city that featured Sinbad several years ago and I will echo the sentiments of the reviewer. Sinbad is a genuinely funny comic that never had to resort to foul language, bathroom humor, or racial/political controversial humor to send the crowd into spasms of laughter. I still remember some of the funny things he said to this day. I am surprised that he did not have more of a career as a movie actor and is not more popular than he is as a comedian.
Sinbad was the real deal; I liked him and respected him and he made me laugh really, really hard.