Friday, October 10, 2008

Sherlock Holmes Style Rumors Are My Favorite

You know ... I enjoy reading about Apple computer rumors. I don't enjoy reading them when it seems someone has broken a non-disclosure agreement, gotten an Apple employee drunk, or seems to have stolen some information out of a factory or from a 3rd party developer. I also despise sites that post blind speculation or "wishful thinking specs for a product" that sends Apple stock lower because they don't introduce it.

This rumor, as posted on a few Apple rumor sites, is pure detective work.

Yesterday Apple released this image - teasing for an October 14 2008 event to obviously announce new laptops.

From MacRumors:

It's hard to tell from the gloomy marketing shot, but the Apple logo is about 1.5 inches wide on my MacBook Pro. From that, this machine would appear to be under 13 inches wide, which would suggest a 13.3" diagonal. The edges, however don't look at all like the MacBook Air.

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