Thursday, October 30, 2008

A reason why Apple stays away from pre announcing products ...

Although this is typical for an automobile company - I think this is a good example of why a company such as Apple tries to stay away from from pre announcing products. This is such a let down in design from Toyota - so much so that it might actually slow sales of the popular Prius.

This is what the original (and expected) 2010 Prius was to look like:

This is what it actually will look like as confirmed by Toyota:

From awesome to ugly in 6 seconds.

A similar thing happened to the Chevy Volt - but the kind of radical "bold to conservative" prototype/actual car design is usually expected from GM.

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Paul Douglas said...

At least the Volt looks unique. The new Prius looks very like the old one, which sucks because the Concept model was very exciting.