Friday, October 24, 2008

The month of Noctober!

Sorry posts have been light this month - but honestly there hasn't been a whole lot going on that I want to write about lately.

On top of having a tad bit of writer's block ... I've been quite busy with paperwork, research, and attorney meetings and correspondence regarding my lawsuit against Bidzirk and attorney.

In case you're wondering why I posted the "DIGG" about coffee shrinking women's breasts and enlarging men's ... it's going to relate to an upcoming post about John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

From a reader email:

"While people seem to be defecting from John Gruber - you should seize the opportunity to make Fix Your Thinking their new destination."

As offensive as he has become with political talk and self admiration lately - I don't really care to compete with ANY website.

It's quarterly maintenance time for this site. Lately it seems I've been getting some really bad adsense match ups.

I've also been overloaded with my local Apple technical service business and some online sales and service as well.

Regular posting starts back up Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Excuses, sxcuses.



Look forward to your regular posting.