Thursday, October 02, 2008

Google Proposes U.S. Energy Plan / Philip Smith proposes 11 things more

Google proposes an energy plan:

A link to a Google proposal on energy:

Over 22 years this plan could generate billions of dollars in savings and help create millions of green jobs. Many of these high quality, good-paying jobs will be in today's coal and oil producing states. Reduce, Develop, Electrify. In the process we will stimulate investment, create jobs, and empower consumers.

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This part of Google's proposal is particularly interesting:

We also need to give the American people opportunities to be more efficient. The way we buy electricity today is like going to a store without seeing prices: we pick what we want, and receive an unintelligible bill at the end of the month. When homes are equipped with smart meters and real-time pricing, research shows that energy use typically drops. Google is looking at ways that we can use our information technology and our reach to help increase awareness and bring better, real-time information to consumers.

I think if people saw their energy use measured in DOLLARS & CENTS as it was being used it would have a huge impact on energy use. In other words ... turning on 3 lights in the house would show you 1¢ a second being used or 1 mile driven would show you 20¢ gone.

Here's the deal ... the world isn't taking "energy" seriously. But more to the point ... the oil companies are being CRIMINAL in their response to the energy/economy crisis.

Make no mistake ... ALL of the issues with the current worldwide economic crisis - even the financial/investment meltdown is related to oil and energy costs. How is that possible? I don't know of anyone - outside of my family that has adjusted their driving habits at all - not even 5%. This has caused a major shift in money allocation. People are spending more money on gas and food - having less to spend on their mortgages and bills. They are getting into immense amounts of debt - all because of gas and food (which rose because of high distribution costs).

How could it be solved? Not easily, not popularly ... I can say that.

1) Give tax credits from both state & federal government on ANY VEHICLE that gets better than 40 MPG. Have a federal buyback plan for any car greater than 20 years old. Any car greater than 30 years old should be considered a luxury to own and should be taxed accordingly. Recycle old cars metals and parts - this would be a HUGE boom to the steel and auto industry.

2) Encourage solar, regenerative, and wind power with a national advertising campaign and give companies who are producing or researching such technology tax breaks. Similarly, levy taxes against businesses who refuse energy planning/efficiency programs.

3) Penalize the oil industry in any amount above a $2 billion profit - not revenue - profit! Tax this amount at 60%. Whatever a Republican says, whatever an executive of an oil company says about capitalism is pure bunk. Oil is not a commodity - it is a necessity. It is not something that should be unrestricted and unregulated. It is not something that investors should be allowed to manipulate in the markets. To be fair - there are PLENTY of other commodities that investors and stock market players could manipulate but wouldn't have the impact gas has on so many different things.

4) Force gas station owners to go back to full service. What? That's preposterous! Why would I suggest that? Three reasons: it would prevent drive offs and save time. It would also SAVE gasoline. Have you ever noticed how the nozzle from the gas pump drips gasoline as you put it back in the "holster". I have ALWAYS wished someone would do a study about how much gasoline is wasted every day around the world because of the poor design of gas pumps and people not "shaking those extra drops".

5) Municipal and education facilities should invest NOW and implement within 5 years solar parking arrays.

6) Schools should start teaching budgeting - including as part of the curriculum saving energy to save money, budgeting time to save money, recycling to make money, wasting less to save money, being involved more locally to save money.

7) Car manufacture companies should be implementing solar charging of automobiles NOW. There is no excuse why we should be plugging in hybrid or electric cars. Plugging in and charging for hours at a time makes no sense. Give incentives to businesses that build solar arrays in parking lots for employees to charge electric vehicles during the day while they work.

8) Bring all U.S. Troops home from around the world. Foreign governments and peoples do not seem to care or appreciate our presence. End foreign entanglements except in our own defense. Be slow reactive instead of slow proactive. Let all countries and leaders know that our reaction will be severe - so beware. Employ troops at home - securing our borders and securing our neighborhoods - assisting police.

9) Stop all immigration for 5 years. The immigration problem is also causing a severe drain on our resources and energy. The country's growth without a paying tax base cannot support itself. This also entails ending of all persons born in this country become citizens by nature. This was implemented to grow this country and GROW THE TAX BASE. Mexicans are growing the population without growing the tax base.

10) Encourage people to shop and entertain themselves locally. Encourage walking and exercising to save money by living healthier, having to eat less, and save gas.

11) End payroll deductions except for Social Security and move to a flat tax of 15% of all income over $36,000 / $48,000 for married couples / + $2500 for each child. Make a flat nationwide sales tax of 10% with no tax on food of ANY KIND prepared or unprepared. Require states to retreat to a 7% tax - with the federal government receiving 3%. Have one weekend a year be a tax holiday with no tax of any kind period. End excise or special taxes. End all property taxes. Tax all homes above $450,000 in value unless used for residence profitable business or farmed and profitable 10% annually. Tax all automobiles over $75,000 in value; 10% annually for 5 years.

These 11 things, if implemented would change the world. I know. I'm Philip Smith and I approved this message.


* It may seem like a popular thing to say the oil companies are cheating us and an anti-capitalistic statement. Review this financial statement at Yahoo!Finance and then ask yourself honestly if the oil industry is a "caring capitalist".


Anonymous said...

agree with all except #4. I don't want to pay someone's salary so they can pump my gas.
As for #6, I think schools (maybe 5th grade and up) should also teach abstinence as disease control AND teach all forms of birth control. So much state and federal $ are being spent on treatments of STDs and unwanted/neglected/abused chidlren. .
Definite YES on #s 8 & 9.
And...of course can you go wrong when you combine walking, talking, eating, spending time with the ones you love...while you're spending less.

FYT said...

Regarding #4: Who says the cost of gas will go up?

I imagine the savings would compensate.

Anonymous said...

on point 4, how much is spilled at the gas station, I don't know of any reference to that, but I came across this a while ago:
"In any case, mass society is a continuous oil spill just as it is a constant chemical leak. The 11 million gallons lost by the Valdez on Bligh Reef is matched every year in the state of Michigan alone by citizens pouring waste oil down sewers or on the ground."

Anonymous said...

Eleven suggestions is way too hard to remember without some clever means of retention, so I propose that we use the most effective literary device off delivering truth: the acrostic. Since this is a Philip Smith Approved Message to the Energy Users of America we will use the most obvious choice for said acrostic since the name Philip Smith just happens to have eleven letters. Its so much like fate its almost scary.

P is for the Payback that people will get for trading their old-and-busted, energy-inefficient hunks of junk for new energy-efficient, hyrbird, flex-fuel, more than 40mpg new hotness cars. It is also for the Payback that they will get if they hang on to those potentially-recyclable old cars that they think are "classics." Listen up, Jay Leno.

H is for Hot-Sun, Hot-Air, and wHole-Earth magnets: the new sources of energy that the government needs to encourage people to turn to. As sources of energy as opposed to toys and recreation.

I is for the Insane Amounts of Profit those crazy oil guys are making. Tax them!! They need to quit their whining about “capitalism” and “economics” and “insfrastructure.” Come on, Gas Guys you’ve had your fill. Its time to stop making money and start giving it to us.

L is for Learning about budgeting your money at school. Don’t leave those children behind, teachers—teach them how to spend their dollars wisely.

I is for Investing Now in solar parking arrays. No one parks on the top floor of the garage anyway, so let’s build some solar cells and do it now!

P is for the Prevention of Pumping Petroleum by Pre-Paying People. Get out from behind the bulletproof glass, station owner, and do your work yourself! And don’t drip any gas on the ground for crying out loud.

S is for Solar Charging of automobiles. S is also for Sooner rather than Later. Get it going, GM.

M is for Military Men coming back to aMerica!! Put them to work on the border where the real battle is anyway. Maybe they can drill some wells in their spare time as well.

I is for Immigration and hey, let’s stop it. For five years.

T is for Town and stay in it, people. You’ve got stuff to do there, no need to get into the ole gas guzzler for dinner and a movie. I’ll bet your neighbor has a couple of DVDs you could borrow along with that cup of sugar.

H is for a Halt on all payroll deductions except for Social Security. And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of those other taxes too.

So there you have it, world-changing truth delivered in the most powerful form of communication man has ever invented: the acrostic. And not just any acrostic; an acrostic that spells out the name of the other most powerful form of communication since Al Gore invented the internet.

FYT said...

To buzmania's comment:

Just as I commented on another acrostic done with my name on the internet:


To anonymous:

Thanks ... that's kind of what I'm talking about ... I'm sure other similar studies have been done and I'm sure it's up into the millions of gallons A DAY worldwide.