Friday, September 12, 2008

They simply want to generate hits ...

Daring Fireball with a scenario about Steve Jobs health:

So consider this: What if instead of holding Tuesday’s event, Apple had instead done just what Lyons and Quittner propose, and announced this week’s news via press release? What would Lyons have written then? My guess is he would have jumped on it as evidence that Jobs was too ill to take the stage, and that his hubris was now harming Apple and its shareholders by robbing the company of the free publicity these events generate.

Exactly ... its all about perpetuating this ignorance of the facts to get hit totals. Lyons and Quittner both know that big hit total commentary sites like Gruber's Daring Fireball will discuss their articles ad nauseam. They don't base their comments about Jobs' health on medical reasoning - they simply want to generate hits. Oh yeah ... and if it causes Apple's stock to tank because of the news ... they get a chance to report on that too.

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