Sunday, September 28, 2008

Swivel Sweeper: Still better than a broom or a 'cuum

Back in July I told you about how I had gone against my better judgement and gotten a Swivel Sweeper©. One post indicated that I should do a three month followup to say if I still liked it.

Well ... I still love it. It's one of the best infomercial products ever produced in my opinion. It works very well on kitchen floors. And you'd almost SWEAR that it has a vacuum. It cleans better than ANY small vacuum like a DustBuster© in my opinion.

It's perfect for an office, kitchen, or even a shop.

One thing I've noticed too - I do a lot of repair with small screws. Every now and then i'll drop one and can't see it. I can take my swivel sweeper - hear it get trapped in bristles and be reassured that i haven't lost it. I can then open the little compartment and retrieve the screw.

In my last review I made mention of how I hated cleaning the hair out of the rollers. Well, while I was repurposing the box for an eBay shipment - I noticed a small thread puller in the styrofoam. While this certainly makes it easier to remove the hair that gets trapped on the rollers (and that reduces performance) - it's still a big pain to clean it and kinda gross - yuck! But, the kitchen and my work area have never been cleaner and I have really enjoyed using it. The battery seems to be holding up very well too.

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