Sunday, September 28, 2008

Swivel Sweeper: Still better than a broom or a 'cuum

Back in July I told you about how I had gone against my better judgement and gotten a Swivel Sweeper©. One post indicated that I should do a three month followup to say if I still liked it.

Well ... I still love it. It's one of the best infomercial products ever produced in my opinion. It works very well on kitchen floors. And you'd almost SWEAR that it has a vacuum. It cleans better than ANY small vacuum like a DustBuster© in my opinion.

It's perfect for an office, kitchen, or even a shop.

One thing I've noticed too - I do a lot of repair with small screws. Every now and then i'll drop one and can't see it. I can take my swivel sweeper - hear it get trapped in bristles and be reassured that i haven't lost it. I can then open the little compartment and retrieve the screw.

In my last review I made mention of how I hated cleaning the hair out of the rollers. Well, while I was repurposing the box for an eBay shipment - I noticed a small thread puller in the styrofoam. While this certainly makes it easier to remove the hair that gets trapped on the rollers (and that reduces performance) - it's still a big pain to clean it and kinda gross - yuck! But, the kitchen and my work area have never been cleaner and I have really enjoyed using it. The battery seems to be holding up very well too.


swivel sweeper g2 said...

I LOVE this product, and can't say enough good things about it. I purchased this product after being extremely disappointed with a more-expensive Bissell sweeper I purchased (see my review for Bissell 2800B Perfect Sweep Turbo Electric Sweeper).

There are numerous complaints in the reviews from people saying that their battery will no longer hold a charge. In reading the owner's manual, there is a warning addressing the battery life:

"IMPORTANT: ...When recharging, charge time will vary dependent upon the amount of power left in the battery after its last use. Recommended recharging time for the battery after completely depleting is 6-8 hours. Battery may be left in charger for extended periods of time, but do NOT exceed 24 consecutive hours. Doing so may lead to shortened overall battery life. It is not necessary to wait until battery power is fully depleted before charging."

I would be willing to bet that this is the cause of the problem for many of the negative reviewers. In their defense, the warning is somewhat buried in the manual and is fairly easy to miss. The manufacturer of should make this warning much more visible.

swivel sweeper said...

The Swivel Sweeper is an awesome product! I am able to clean the entire house with this one sweeper. Buy it - you will not be disappointed.

Swivel Sweeper said...

The swivel sweeper is an excellent way to keep the house clean. It's a good product.