Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seller Feedback Discussion @ eBay Live

I just found this on YouTube ... I've been discussing the last situation seen here - what I call "Feedback escrow". If one wants to leave a negative, they must put the negative into escrow. If the seller can prove fixing, refund, or satisfaction - then it would NOT be possible for the negative to post. If the buyer cannot achieve one of these three resolutions - then negative feedback is posted to the seller's account. The buyer is then allowed to rate the seller with a detailed seller rating and each rating is attached to a buyer. If the rating is less than what the seller expected they should be allowed to eliminate one low rating per 30 days - kind of like olympic judging - where the highest and lowest scores are eliminated then an average is taken from the remaining scores.

* Check out YouTube for other videos from this year's eBay Live - it seems like there were quite a number of upset sellers and the conference had its lowest attendance ever.

I think it will come out that Meg Whitman (former eBay CEO) will have left because she knew things were about to get really ugly at eBay.

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