Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MYCOKEREWARDS : Is it worth it? How should you redeem your points?

One thing that I really enjoy doing with my wife and son is taking a daily walk ...

We just about always find loose change on the street. Since July 10th 2008 we have found and collected $13.64 in change. Recently we started collecting cans and Coke and Pepsi bottle caps. In 30 days, I've collected enough Coca Cola caps to get 8 coupons for free Coke and enough Pepsi caps to get 3 free AmazonMP3 downloads for my iPod. I've also been able to enter a few sweepstakes. I've found that the best use of the "cap rewards" is to redeem them for small tangible things - like the MP3s or the free Coke.

I've read a lot of forums about MYCOKERWARDS. It seems the sweepstakes entries (which usually cost 1 cap of points) are legit, but a lot of people enter - so while the odds are higher than the lottery - it is still chance. I'm going for the sure thing mostly.

The best way to get points credit for both programs is signing up for the cellphone texting option and just texting the code. Otherwise, you have to go to two very slow websites and also click through several steps just to get credited for each cap.

If I add up the total between bottle caps, MP3s, "can cash", and money found - I get almost $200 since July 10th. Pretty good. I think my wife and I are planning on donating the "found money" fund to a needy person around Christmas time. My son say it's good money to go on a vacation to Las Vegas with.

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