Friday, September 12, 2008

Letter mailed to Internet Fraud, San Fran BBB, California Attorney General, and litigants (and attorneys) currently suing eBay

Before making my statement I would like to offer the following:

eBay has no actual phone number to address customer service issues. Their phones are merely staffed to comply with regulations. No one manning these phones is capable of routing you to the proper department to address a problem. ALL one is given is a canned response of "emailing the problem to the Trust and Safety department".

Upon emailing eBay's Trust and Safety department one receives only canned responses with links to policy and not answers to questions or considerations of actual policy. Many of these responders do not know eBay policy.

Upon using eBay's Live Chat feature - one is directed to "email the problem to the Trust and Safety department".

This is a circular system.

I have tried every route of communication possible with eBay and received nothing but canned scripted answers that usually don't even make sense.

For example, if asked to remove a negative comment - I receive a canned response to leave a followup comment and then EACH TIME told to review steps on how to do that.

I am an 11 year eBay seller. I know how to leave a followup comment. I always do so immediately if I need to explain something on my feedback (which is rare).

This indicates to me that they have not even read my complaint and just looked at the nature of my complaint and have a copy and paste process as an answer.

(complaint - see posts below)

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