Sunday, September 28, 2008

iPhone Snaps

The two pictures above are of a cantaloupe vine that I grew from scooping the seeds out of a store bought cantaloupe and just chunking them into a small hole in the ground. I replanted two of the plants that grew a few weeks ago into a planter on my porch - as you can see it's doing quite well and I should have the beginnings of a cantaloupe soon. Right now I have two hummingbirds helping to pollenate. If I can grab a picture of them - I'll post it too.

The picture above is of a custom license plate I saw on Friday - I think it's meant to say "DREAM LIVING". I thought it was a good plate for an RIAA / MPAA executive or legal rep - DRM LIVIN'. My wife and I thought it'd be a good plate for a mortician too - Dr. I'm Living.

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