Thursday, September 04, 2008

Creation: Movie about the life of Charles Darwin

As reported by COMINGSOON.NET:

Bettany & Connelly to Star in Creation

Real-life husband and wife Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly have signed on to play a married couple in Creation, Jon Amiel's project about the life of Charles Darwin, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Bettany will play the British father of evolutionary theory, and Connelly will play his wife, Emma, in the big-screen take on the life of the controversial "On the Origin of Species" author.

Darwin will be a portrayed as a man torn between his love for his deeply religious wife and his own growing belief in a world where God has no place. The scientist finds himself caught in a struggle between faith and reason, love and truth.

The script is based on Randal Keynes' book "Annie's Box," about the life of Darwin, his great great grandfather.

I've got a deal for some of my regular readers - I'll go see this movie if you will watch The Privileged Planet and Expelled.

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