Friday, September 12, 2008

Another eBay feedback total error ...

Whilst trying to sort out a recent feedback mess on eBay I tried to find all my negatives and neutrals.

I recently received (3) negatives - two of them being shill from one vindictive eBayer with two accounts.

So I investigated ...

On the ALL FEEDBACK RECEIVED page, the total is: 3657.

As a note ... I have sold 9700 items under this ^ ID and another in my 11 years as an eBay seller. eBay's lack of encouraging positive feedback from buyers really hurts sellers. To me, feedback is half of the payment and part of the fun and unique process of eBay.

On the FEEDBACK RECEIVED AS A SELLER page, the total is: 2434

On the FEEDBACK RECEIVED AS A BUYER page, the total is: 370

If I add these totals up; I don't come up with anything close to 3657 (all feedback received) or 3458 (which is my feedback score)

I have only 20 negatives total, 15 withdrawns, and 15 neutrals. I have 90 repeat feedbacks.

None of the feedback or detailed seller ratings add up properly on my account.

So, I decided to spend a few HOURS <-- yes HOURS ... looking at other sellers with similar high feedback as me. I noticed the same improper tabulations.

Note that eBay now charges fees based on feedback ... how can it possibly be fair if they aren't tabulating these numbers correctly?

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