Friday, September 12, 2008

2nd Microsoft / Seinfeld / Gates Ad ... just tell me when its going to at least be entertaining.

Ok, if the first ad made any sense to you ... what about this ad?


Paul Douglas said...

It's funnier than the first...Funny in a goofy sort of way...But it also kind of destroys the message of the first (That Bill and to some extent Seinfeld are regular guys) by suggesting Bill and Jerry are out of touch...It's also still not very good at establishing brand, or heaven forbid selling something.

It's just a gag...Microsoft has made similar videos for years (For example, the one with Bill and Ballmer in the car or Bill's "Last Day")

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Microsoft is choosing to use Seinfeld who is famous for making a show about "nothing" (his words).

These commercials appear to be shows about nothing as well. Existential conversations about promises for the future that are neither spelled out or even make sense. Operating systems and computers that taste good??

Gates is going to realize sooner or later that while its not bad to cast yourself in the role of a "normal guy" (which he is not) is much different than projecting yourself as a buffoon (which is what he is doing here).