Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That (916) 399-7992 number claiming to be Apple

A new comment on "Do you have a Mac? No! Then Never Mind! What's up with this (916) 399-7992 number claiming to be Apple?":

Just called me, said "This is AJ from Apple". Asked me "How are things going?" Then asked me something about some sort of X Serve. When asked what he was talking about said something about believing me to be with a Jacob School of Engineering and an invoice they'd gotten.

Very unprofessional. Very suspicious. Didn't say anything regarding an actual sales call.

Immediate impression is that this is a some kind of information gathering hunting expedition.

I don't know why Apple has never addressed this publicly. I thought that this problem had gone away. This is clearly someone getting ahold of or intercepting AppleCare warranty information. Apple handles this kind of "customer service" via mail and email now.

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