Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So ... what do people search for on my website?

This is an interesting view of what people are typing into Google and getting to my website for an answer:


iphone 11

pro se defendant motion to dismiss 10

pro se to assist you 8

pro se motions right to travel 7

iPhone 3G 6

recording someone without their knowledge 6

daniel g schmidt III 6

pro se defendants fight and win 5

unlock broadvoice linksys SPA2102-r 3

driver 3

jack campbell 3

pro se motions fight back 3

jack miller 3

recording face to face conversations 3

bidzirk 3

married 3

macmice 2

pro se victory 2

pro se right to travel, privileges 2

face to face conversations 2

iphone 2g 2

emac air filter cleaning 2

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