Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iPhone Snaps

Eechie wah wah ... it's happening all over again. I would have never let any of this happen in one of the stores I did Apple Rep work for 9 years ago. This is the typical Apple department in Best Buy retail stores: broken displays, boxes out of order or looking to be picked over, items on display that aren't in stock, items on display right next to clearance items, dirty peripherals, unupdated computers (10.5.2 is not only old, but a security risk) ... it makes me sick that MY Greenville South Carolina Best Buy can't do better for the 1000's of monthly dollars in sales I am forced to send their way because they are the only game in town. Apple retail, where are you?

One common question that I'm asked on my Recording Phone Calls Laws Reference is what to use to record. This device is available at Radio Shack for under $30. If your cellphone has audio and Mic out support (like the iPhone and most music phones do) then you can also use it with your cellphone.

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Anonymous said...

looks like they took some customer returned keyboard to put on display, probably sold the original display keyboard as new.