Monday, August 25, 2008

Follow Up To Friday

As a follow up to Friday's post:

The hit total for the entire weekend was 1100.

I managed to get my story on DIGG & Macsurfer.

I also promoted it locally. Still, the hit total indicates to me that I can't seem to get the attention of Apple about this issue.

I realize that few outside of Greenville South Carolina care about this issue.

How does one without real estate clout, without a lot of money, and without an important (or so it seems to them) issue - contact someone high up in a company? A complaint would get a response - as there are lots of outlets to address and resolve complaints quickly.

Contacting Steve Jobs is comparable to contacting the President of The United States - expecting a response that's from an issue that won't be talked about across the Internet and dissected on the news the next day is only a dream.

One other aspect of why I want to be personally contacted about this issue is that I have a good idea of who might apply for jobs @ the Apple Store if it were to locate here - there are certain applicants that Apple should know their reputation, know their history, and their attitude; rather just rely on a resume. Their are a number of people who work on and sell Macs that I would recommend and a number of them I wouldn't.

I realize this article and comments such as this don't make me popular and may even be seen as hostile. The thing is ... I'm really tired of there not being a great Apple presence in such a large area such as Greenville South Carolina.

* There's obviously more interest in a Greenville Store than a Charleston Store as this TUAW post indicates.

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