Wednesday, August 20, 2008

eBay to lower prices for some listings

ArsTechnica reports:

eBay is making some changes that will further shift its focus from online auctions to fixed price resellers. The company announced Wednesday that it plans to drop the cost of listing an item under "Buy It Now" by 70 percent, extend allowable listing periods for these items, and lift a number of other restrictions in order to attract even more sellers. Although auctions are about to disappear, the move is an example of eBay's shifting priorities, and not everyone is happy about it.

Sellers will now only be charged a flat $0.35 fee for listing fixed-price "auctions," and can list multiple quantities of the same item for that single fee (previously, multiple quantities of a single item meant racking up the listing fees). Sellers can also now list items for a full 30 days, significantly longer than the standard 7-days.

Good news for me. I hate the auction format. I haven't listed anything "for bids" in over a year. I determine how much I want for an item by looking at the highest and lowest its gone for in the last 30 days and price my item at an average of the two - usually throwing in free shipping.


Anonymous said...

This is really too bad. The things I sell are typically very unique. I have two things up right now, one has never been sold on ebay, in fact it's one of 500 ever made. Another item I'm selling hasn't been on ebay for at least 6 months, and again is pretty unique with a run of only 1,500. I can't really set a price on these two things, that's what bidding is for.

In my opinion, eBay should do what real auction houses do, and charge the buyer the "final value fee." Most auction houses tack on 20% to the hammer price. That's very high, I think eBay could reasonably get away with 5%, with a $1 minimum.

FYT said...

what kind of items do you list? Do you not know the general market for them? EBay isn't ending the auction format just showing a preference for the flea market/haggle format.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you and I sell very different types of items. I think this quote from eBay clarifies the whole situation:

"We love auctions. Auction-style listings remain the ideal choice for sellers who are uncertain about the value of their item, have a scarce item in high demand, or are willing to start at a low price and let bidding determine the final value," eBay Marketplaces president Lorrie Norrington said in a statement.

A scarce item in high demand is what I sell. You sell commodity items for which a price is easily ascertained.