Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogger harassed by Associated Press in attempt to silence bloggers everywhere

A diary on DailyKos reprinting the text of a diary that prompted the AP to out a blogger to his employer for no good reason except to harass him, in an attempt to silence criticism from bloggers everywhere.

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I think my Bidzirk vs Smith case might be of some value.


Paul Douglas said...

The Associated Press is redundant.
A better implementation of the Wire Service concept would be the open-media, where anyone can submit news to a freely available and freely redistributable (With credit) collective. Using the internet rather than the print media, natch

FYT said...

A better implementation = or what I would like to call DIGG or Yahoo Buzz

Paul Douglas said...

Meh, those are powered by linking and thus constrained somewhat by copyright. They serve more as a news-ranker or Super-Editor than as a collaborative news source