Thursday, August 28, 2008

How To Get ATT Naked DSL (Redux)

Trying to sign up for ATT "naked DSL" or "dry loop" service (getting DSL without having paying for a landline) is a very hard thing to do. I've learned the process personally to be one of the most frustrating in my life.

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Muppet Show To Return To TV

Kermit the frog and friends could return in the first new Muppet Show TV series for 11 years. Next to Looney Toons this was my childhood "MUST WATCH" show.

[poster on DIGG said,"In 27 years" but there was a Muppet Show series in the 90's as well - although it deviated far from the original and none of Jim Henson's politically incorrect humor.]

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Blogger harassed by Associated Press in attempt to silence bloggers everywhere

A diary on DailyKos reprinting the text of a diary that prompted the AP to out a blogger to his employer for no good reason except to harass him, in an attempt to silence criticism from bloggers everywhere.

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I think my Bidzirk vs Smith case might be of some value.

USB To Ethernet ( LAN Network ) Adapter For Apple G3 G4 G5 Intel Macs


Has lightening struck your Mac and now you can't access the internet? This solution works on Mac OS 9 and OS X - all versions!

I am the exclusive eBay seller of this solution and I've been selling it for five years. I include precise instructions and I provide unparalleled support by phone & email.

Apple's adapter is ONLY supported in OSX 10.5 Leopard and is meant solely for the MacBook Air. My adapter works on every Mac that has USB and supports OS 9 classic, OS X 10.1 Puma OSX 10.2 Jaguar OSX 10.3 Panther OSX 10.4 Tiger OSX 10.5 Leopard.

This adapter can also be used as a dock of sorts - I have one plugged into my USB hub so I can use my wired mouse and my network printer and cable modem with only plugging in ONE USB cable (rather than plugging in a separate RJ45 cable).

Save a costly motherboard repair for your Apple: All In One iMac, eMac, Mac Mini, iBook, PowerMac, G4 Cube, Powerbook (w/ USB ports), MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, or G3 G4 G5 Tower or Twentieth Anniversary Mac (requires installation of PCI USB Card * not included)

iPhone developers beat Apple's NDA with $1 bills

iPhone developers still bound by an Apple gag order are paying each other $1 to share coding tips. That way, if challenged by Apple's legal department, they can argue that they are subcontractors and therefore free to discuss the software.

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Repeat Tests Show iPhone 3G Has No Faulty Hardware

After lab results demonstrated that the iPhone 3G's antenna actually functions normally, critics complained that the tests didn't represent their own experiences. So the tests were performed again on two phones that had been experiencing severe problems for some users; the verdict was the same: no hardware problems found.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet the cast of Spiderman 4?

Saw this "mistake" advertisement on the front page of eBay at 7PM EST tonight:

At least I think it's a mistake ... I don't think Tobey Maguire has even agreed to do a 4th installment. I'm pretty sure there isn't even a script or casting yet.

[UPDATE] Apparently it is a charity auction for a "Spiderman 4 Experience"

I take great exception to this (even if for a charity) - I am not allowed to sell anything that cannot be delivered / completed within 30 days according to the eBay rules regarding "presale auctions".

eBay permits Pre-sale listings only on a limited basis. The seller must guarantee that the item will be available for shipping within 30 days from the date of purchase (i.e., the day the listing ends or the date the item is purchased from a store front listing). The seller must also clearly indicate within the listing the fact that the item is a pre-sale item with a delivery date that indicates the item will be shipped by the 30th day from the end date of the listing. Additionally, this text must be no less than the default font size of the eBay Sell-Your-Item form. Currently, the default font size is HTML font size 3.


eBay, at its discretion, for special promotional events, may approve an actual manufacturer of an item (like the game publisher in the examples above) to sell an item outside of the 30-day pre-sale guideline as long as the actual manufacturer is supplying the actual item for sale. These exceptions will be made for certain promotions and must be approved prior to listing items for sale on eBay that fit the exception above.

It is not even certain if there will be a Spiderman 4, it's not certain if filming will begin within a year, it's not certain if it will have to be a reboot or recast because of current actors unwilling to participate based on a script. The biggest exception is - the prize cannot be delivered for at least one year - possibly more. If shooting began now - the movie couldn't come out until summer 2010.

It's not fair that eBay is making these deals with "big causes & big companies" that are extreme exceptions to their policies.

Use your mental powers ...

Did you know that you can type upside down pretty easily?

¡sɹǝʍod ןɐʇuǝɯ ǝsn oʇ pǝǝu ʇsnɾ noʎ 'ʎןןɐǝɹ op oʇ pɹɐɥ ʇɐɥʇ ʇou s,ʇı

If you're wondering how it's done ... you just use a "p" for an upside-down "d" and so on (an "n" is also a "u") mixed with symbol keys and commas to make contractions.

It's kind of the same as the junior high school joke as "sqooq" upside-down.

So ... what do people search for on my website?

This is an interesting view of what people are typing into Google and getting to my website for an answer:


iphone 11

pro se defendant motion to dismiss 10

pro se to assist you 8

pro se motions right to travel 7

iPhone 3G 6

recording someone without their knowledge 6

daniel g schmidt III 6

pro se defendants fight and win 5

unlock broadvoice linksys SPA2102-r 3

driver 3

jack campbell 3

pro se motions fight back 3

jack miller 3

recording face to face conversations 3

bidzirk 3

married 3

macmice 2

pro se victory 2

pro se right to travel, privileges 2

face to face conversations 2

iphone 2g 2

emac air filter cleaning 2

Bank Details of 1 Million Customers Sold on eBay

Personal details of more than 1 million customers of Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express, and NatWest are found on a computer sold on auction site eBay.

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1. Bank hired a 3rd party company to handle archiving.
2. The archiving company had an employee who apparently copied data onto a personal machine.
3. The individual sold the machine on eBay without cleaning the drive.

In the end, the bank is responsible, but the 3rd party company should be held accountable for permitting a user to copy the data. Still the archiving company is clearly to blame and I would assume that any costs of "repairing" this issue will be collected from the archiving company. The former employee of the archiving company is obviously the one who is most to blame and should be prosecuted for a criminal offense.

But ...

This brings up an interesting issue for eBay as well.

Should they allow computers with "full hard drives" to be sold on their site? Should they allow used hard drives to be sold? Or should they distribute a free tool to Mac and PC users that erases the drive, I could see this as a fairly easy thing to do - it would require an enclosure or a target disk mode. It would also be able to tell eBay if the drive was capable of being sold (ie integrity test).

I once acquired some Apple laptops from Clemson University. None of the drives had been wiped and none of the information was password protected. The laptops contained current and past years basketball recruiting information and lots of notes regarding players. I wiped the drives completely, removed the hard drives, and used them personally before selling them a few years later.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That (916) 399-7992 number claiming to be Apple

A new comment on "Do you have a Mac? No! Then Never Mind! What's up with this (916) 399-7992 number claiming to be Apple?":

Just called me, said "This is AJ from Apple". Asked me "How are things going?" Then asked me something about some sort of X Serve. When asked what he was talking about said something about believing me to be with a Jacob School of Engineering and an invoice they'd gotten.

Very unprofessional. Very suspicious. Didn't say anything regarding an actual sales call.

Immediate impression is that this is a some kind of information gathering hunting expedition.

I don't know why Apple has never addressed this publicly. I thought that this problem had gone away. This is clearly someone getting ahold of or intercepting AppleCare warranty information. Apple handles this kind of "customer service" via mail and email now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

OpenTech Becomes ClosedTech

As reported by WIRED:

Just three weeks after its official Mac-clone product launch, Open Tech said its company was up for sale.
Open Tech [VP] Elijah Samaroo on Saturday night sent an e-mail to that said, "Open Tech is For sale. This includes all trade secrets and brand equity. Thank you for tour time." (Note the typo.) OpenTech's web store, where originally you could order a Mac clone, has been replaced with a sales ad for the entire company -- for $50,000, which you can even shell out through PayPal.

Follow Up To Friday

As a follow up to Friday's post:

The hit total for the entire weekend was 1100.

I managed to get my story on DIGG & Macsurfer.

I also promoted it locally. Still, the hit total indicates to me that I can't seem to get the attention of Apple about this issue.

I realize that few outside of Greenville South Carolina care about this issue.

How does one without real estate clout, without a lot of money, and without an important (or so it seems to them) issue - contact someone high up in a company? A complaint would get a response - as there are lots of outlets to address and resolve complaints quickly.

Contacting Steve Jobs is comparable to contacting the President of The United States - expecting a response that's from an issue that won't be talked about across the Internet and dissected on the news the next day is only a dream.

One other aspect of why I want to be personally contacted about this issue is that I have a good idea of who might apply for jobs @ the Apple Store if it were to locate here - there are certain applicants that Apple should know their reputation, know their history, and their attitude; rather just rely on a resume. Their are a number of people who work on and sell Macs that I would recommend and a number of them I wouldn't.

I realize this article and comments such as this don't make me popular and may even be seen as hostile. The thing is ... I'm really tired of there not being a great Apple presence in such a large area such as Greenville South Carolina.

* There's obviously more interest in a Greenville Store than a Charleston Store as this TUAW post indicates.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Steve Jobs Won't Read Your Blog / Won't Read Your Letters - So Don't Ask Him To.

This blog turns 5 years old today ...

One article stands out amongst all the others as my most popular. It still remains as one of the top DIGGs on DIGG.COM. It remains as my top traffic draw for this website and my top one day and three day traffic draws (47,800 & 131,000 respectively).

That article:

The 5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years

That title was somewhat misleading on purpose to illustrate an inflammatory title can make a story popular. It was a writing experiment I did to see if I could write an article that I technically didn't agree with my subject matter and make it convincing. I wrote it more to warn the Mac community of how dangerous it is to deify Jobs. Soon after that story, health concerns started to arise and Apple's stock was dramatically affected.

In this article, I wrote:

Steve Jobs is getting an awful lot of praise and recognition as of late for being a multi faceted, immensely talented CEO ... and no doubt; he is. Most of all; he is visionary. I don't dispute the deistic award bestowed upon him; "Possibly the greatest CEO in the history of the corporate world" by Businessweek magazine.

Steve Jobs is also a role model and an inspiration to me and to my daily activity. My work ethic (which some close to me would say is impressively complex and detailed) is based not on making money, but inspiring my customers (or anyone whom I meet) creatively. Apple Computers give my customers the power to create and the promise to dream big and make those dreams come true. The money follows.

So ... why am I bringing all of this up?

I need Steve Jobs to contact me about something ... I want Steve Jobs to contact me about something ... I have tried every means I know how to contact Steve Jobs regarding this something ... but I know he doesn't care about little ol' me in South Carolina and will never even see this blog entry. I've come to the realization .... he is a God of sorts ... someone only accessible by prayer - only visible through imagination and carefully directed and mysterious appearances.

What is that something I want him to contact me about? And why me?

I'm in a crisis situation in my home town of Greenville, South Carolina. I live in one of the biggest Mac markets*, highest per capita income areas* in the country ... yet there is no remotely reasonable Mac sales OR service presence in my area. I service Macs part time (about 3 customers per week) and make the occasional sale (about 2 Macs a week, 100 a year).

* Greenville, South Carolina has one of the highest concentrations of marketing and advertising jobs per capita in the country - beating out every other major metropolitan area in the South. One advertising agency of note is Erwin Penland who runs Dunkin Donuts, Wachovia, Verizon, and Ringling Brothers promotions and advertising campaigns.

* Greenville, SC has 70+ Corporate Headquarters with more than 75 Fortune 500 companies including BMW, Michelin, Hubbel, Scansource, Microsoft, and IBM. The average annual household income is $72,500, and Greenville retail sales continue to boom with a 39% growth rate over the past six years.

* Many corporate executives have homes here, some higher up in Apple make their home here. Families of well known Mac Peripheral maker Griffin Technology live here. Golf Pros live here.

* The Greenville area is home to Clemson University, Furman University, and nearby to Wofford and Winthrop - a combined 250,000 students and faculty - not counting wealthy alumni who are Mac users. Greenville is also home to Greenville Technical College - one of the most respected community colleges in the south.

* Greenville SC is 120 miles from Atlanta GA and 120 miles from Charlotte NC - all three cities have I-85 - a major highway running south to north - running straight through the center.

* More and more music and movies are being produced here - Edwin McCain locates his studio (and home) here (and uses all Macs). The movie Leatherheads was recently filmed here. The Celebrity Golf Pro Am is played here

* Greenville, SC has the #1 cellphone market per capita in the country

My local CompUSA is gone. A local business called iPlace has been very wishy washy on their service record, their business location*, and direction. Their service techs are slow, incompetent, and they are understaffed - understaffed because of the volume of business they bare.

Small consultants like me are full of business - but I'm hard to locate and so are they. We deal mostly by reputation and word of mouth because our schedules are full and our advertising budgets are thin.

Since my trial with Bidzirk, my presence has diminished in my area because of lost business partnerships with small PC shops not wanting to be associated with me due to the high profile of the litigation that was brought against me (and later dimissed). These PC shops have stopped servicing Macs, for the most part, and are not allowed to service them under warranty any way.

Fortunately, Best Buys are now carrying Macs on a limited basis, but they still don't have a technician in this area.

Unfortunately, last week I posted this:

Eechie wah wah ... it's happening all over again. I would have never let any of this happen in one of the stores I did Apple Rep work for 9 years ago. This is the typical Apple department in Best Buy retail stores: broken displays, boxes out of order or looking to be picked over, items on display that aren't in stock, items on display right next to clearance items, dirty peripherals, unupdated computers (10.5.2 is not only old, but a security risk) ... it makes me sick that MY Greenville South Carolina Best Buy can't do better for the 1000's of monthly dollars in sales I am forced to send their way because they are the only game in town. Apple retail, where are you?

The "Apple Store Within A Store" at Best Buy in Greenville SC is currently manned by the same guy that worked the ASWAS @ CompUSA. He's a pleasant guy, but 4 out of every 10 of my customers come from his bad consulting. A few years back - I serviced dozens of iMacs because he sold customers Mac OS 10.3 without telling them to read the instructions about updating your firmware. Who knows how many Mac users with old Macs have converted to PCs because of him being unable or unwilling to give them good advice.


I contacted the Managing Director for The McGarey Group - developer of this project in Greenville - where IFOAPPLESTORE.COM indicates Apple has an interest in locating.

She was unsure if Apple is locating in their development or if they are looking somewhere else. So goes the story with every lead I've followed.

I've even spoken to a guy who jokes he's in the "Top 20 @ Apple" - his word is that Apple just isn't interested in this area at this time.

I'm sure that many have sent Apple a letter for them to build an Apple Store in their area - but in my area it makes no sense whatsoever for there not to be one.

Maybe I'm asking for the wrong person. Maybe Steve Jobs doesn't really exist. Maybe he is God.

Dear Lord,

I know you don't work this way, but could you just call me @ 864905APPL. Please bring an Apple Store to Greenville South Carolina. I would like to be the manager or an Apple genius. Please look after all those less fortunate Mac owners in Greenville South Carolina. Amen

* I know Apple has all of this research - I just don't think they've heard it from a local person or anyone who knows the Mac market as well as I do here

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Steve Jobs eMails Jerry Seinfeld

Funny cartoon: Steve Jobs eMails Jerry Seinfeld

Funny how I just made a reference to Steve Jobs as being God and this cartoon mentions the word "soul".

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld, Microsoft: Buddy Buddy

FoxNews is reporting:

Microsoft enlists the help of Jerry Seinfeld For New Ad Campaign

I remember watching Seinfeld on TV and seeing a different Mac in the corner for each new season. One year it was PowerBook Duo. I always wondered whether this was a set designer decision - to make Jerry look cool or whether Seinfeld himself wanted a Mac on the set. I wonder if Seinfeld uses a Mac in real life.

Other ads will feature Bill Gates ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

eBay to lower prices for some listings

ArsTechnica reports:

eBay is making some changes that will further shift its focus from online auctions to fixed price resellers. The company announced Wednesday that it plans to drop the cost of listing an item under "Buy It Now" by 70 percent, extend allowable listing periods for these items, and lift a number of other restrictions in order to attract even more sellers. Although auctions are about to disappear, the move is an example of eBay's shifting priorities, and not everyone is happy about it.

Sellers will now only be charged a flat $0.35 fee for listing fixed-price "auctions," and can list multiple quantities of the same item for that single fee (previously, multiple quantities of a single item meant racking up the listing fees). Sellers can also now list items for a full 30 days, significantly longer than the standard 7-days.

Good news for me. I hate the auction format. I haven't listed anything "for bids" in over a year. I determine how much I want for an item by looking at the highest and lowest its gone for in the last 30 days and price my item at an average of the two - usually throwing in free shipping.

eBay Imposes Maximum Shipping Limit

eBay today imposed a new maximum shipping charge on all listed items. I like this change ... others are expressing concern.

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Class-action lawsuit filed against Apple over iPhone 3G connection issues

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple over what the plaintiff is referring to as the "Defective iPhone 3G," which she hopes will become a class-action complaint.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iPhone Snaps

This is a really cool picture of ants lined up like they were at a diner - eating Apple Jelly that spilled onto a table outside my inlaw's house.

This is a picture of a weed believe it or not. It is from the side of my house. It looks almost alien. Anyone know what its called?

I like this picture of an apple on the cover of this book that is apparently being made into a movie. That's not the reason I took the picture though. It's a shame how Wal-Mart ruined this book with the price sticker.

A way to print from the iPhone

Reader Bill left new comment on "Will I Be Able To Print From The iPhone?":

I created an e-mail rule that executes a applescript script that prints anything that arrives via e-mail that has the word print in the subject.

So, I put the word 'print' in the subject of an incoming email and forward it to myself. If the subject contains print

The rule moves the message to a print folder, executes a script that does a unix cmd to print it and then removes it.

.. It prints on my iMac which has a printer attached and the mail program running.
I just tried it and I notice I now leave the message in the print folder.

It works pretty good!

I posted a message hoping that Bill will share a detailed setup process.

Monday, August 18, 2008

USB To Ethernet ( LAN Network ) Adapter For Apple G3 G4 G5 Intel Macs

Has lightening struck your Mac and now you can't access the internet? This solution works on Mac OS 9 and OS X - all versions!

I am the exclusive eBay seller of this solution and I've been selling it for five years. I include precise instructions and I provide unparalleled support by phone & email.

Apple's adapter is ONLY supported in OSX 10.5 Leopard and is meant solely for the MacBook Air. My adapter works on every Mac that has USB and supports OS 9 classic, OS X 10.1 Puma OSX 10.2 Jaguar OSX 10.3 Panther OSX 10.4 Tiger OSX 10.5 Leopard.

This adapter can also be used as a dock of sorts - I have one plugged into my USB hub so I can use my wired mouse and my network printer and cable modem with only plugging in ONE USB cable (rather than plugging in a separate RJ45 cable).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why your student should take a Mac to college

It's back-to-school time again. So if you're about to send your kid off to college with a new computer, here are some reasons to make that computer a Mac.

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FIRE Breaks Out At Apple Campus

A fire broke out on the Apple campus in Cupertino California. Firefighters early Wednesday morning contained a three-alarm fire that started Tuesday night at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, according to the Santa Clara County Fire Department.No one was hurt and some Apple websites are errantly reporting that irreplaceable damage has occured and or that the fire was in the R&D department.

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Why Apple Doesn’t Do “Concept Products”

Technology giants like Microsoft and Nokia have also had a penchant for concocting concept products that never see the light of day in the market. Why hasn’t Apple, the most innovative and visionary company in computing, produced a single concept product or vision in over a decade? Because, to paraphrase Jobs, 'real artists ship'.

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Best Buy to sell iPhone

(To go on sale at all 965 locations Sept 7).This may coincide with new Best Buy AT&T stores - much like Circuit City stores have Verizon "departments".It will be interesting see if this also coincides with a retal/no contract version of the iPhone.

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How to Make a Pop Tab Wristband - wikiHow

How to Make a Pop Tab Wristband - wikiHow

I wear a copper penny bracelet and I thought this was a cool craft project for a rainy day.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Apple Employees Suing; Being Treated Like Slaves?

As reported by Slashdot:

"Apple employees are putting together a class action lawsuit for not receiving overtime pay. A Lawsuit filed Monday in California seeks class action status alleging that Apple denied technical staffers required overtime pay and meal compensation in violation of state law. Filed in the US District Court for Southern California, the complaint claims that many Apple employees are routinely subjected to working conditions resembling indentured servitude, or 'modern day slaves,' for lack of better words."

Since when does a salaried worker get overtime pay?

I'm being serious when I say this ... working at Apple and with a company that is changing the world would be an immense compensation to me ... that doesn't mean I would work for free or even competitive pay ... I'm just saying ... in my Apple days, I felt very proud and honored that I could say I was with such a company.

The $1000 iPhone App: Why Apple Shouldn't Have Removed it

Yesterday developer Armin Heinrich posted an iPhone app to the App Store called I Am Rich. The program displays a red gem, has no function but to display your wealth to others through ownership, and costs $1000. I Am Rich isn't the most clever piece of art, but it's not bad either. For some, the iPhone is already an obvious display of wealth. The interesting thing about this application is that it is the first of its kind. I don't know of any other platform that has claimed such an application.

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10 Mispronunciations That Make You Sound Stupid

Right or wrong, people often judge you by the way you pronounce things. Say a word incorrectly and POW -- they've pegged you as a provincial, poorly educated moron. I’d like to go a step farther here and talk about words that may be used correctly but are pronounced wrong.

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This is a good article even though it has poor grammar ... such as starting a sentence off with the word "And".

In the past two years I have let the word "irregardless" go from my vocabulary. I consciously say the correct term; "Regardless".

What if Apple stopped issuing DRM keys?

An interesting perspective:

It happened to Microsoft & Yahoo. Could it happen to Apple? The limitations of antipiracy software were dramatically illustrated last week when Yahoo Music announced the company would stop issuing authorization keys for the software that prevents its songs from being copied.

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Psystar lawyers hint at antitrust filing against Apple

Following Psystar's retention of California law firm Carr & Farrell, attorney Colby Springer has hinted that the case may end up making some antitrust claims against Apple.

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Apple's secret to selling iPhones: Windows Mobile

One of the Apple Store's little known secrets: roving sales clerks who use mobile devices to ring up orders anywhere in the store, not just at the cash register. But which devices? Motorola MC75 handhelds running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

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The terminals used at the checkout are run on Macs with Filemaker & MacPOS though.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iPhone Snaps

Eechie wah wah ... it's happening all over again. I would have never let any of this happen in one of the stores I did Apple Rep work for 9 years ago. This is the typical Apple department in Best Buy retail stores: broken displays, boxes out of order or looking to be picked over, items on display that aren't in stock, items on display right next to clearance items, dirty peripherals, unupdated computers (10.5.2 is not only old, but a security risk) ... it makes me sick that MY Greenville South Carolina Best Buy can't do better for the 1000's of monthly dollars in sales I am forced to send their way because they are the only game in town. Apple retail, where are you?

One common question that I'm asked on my Recording Phone Calls Laws Reference is what to use to record. This device is available at Radio Shack for under $30. If your cellphone has audio and Mic out support (like the iPhone and most music phones do) then you can also use it with your cellphone.

The case of the slithering tether app for iPhone

If you don't have an iPhone you probably haven't followed or cared about an app called NetShare that appeared on the iTunes App Store last week. Why should you care if you don't have an iPhone? Well ... it seems this is the first time that a cellphone manufacturer (Apple in this case) is directly challenging the terms of service of a cellular service provider (AT&T).

AT&T's terms of service for tethering on cellphones with unlimited data plans is:

Furthermore, unlimited plans (except for DataConnect and BlackBerry tethered) cannot be used for any applications that tether the device (through use of, including without limitation, connection kits, other phone/PDA-to-computer accessories, Bluetooth or any other wireless technology) to laptops, PCs, or other equipment for any purpose.

One could argue that AT&T allowed the app to be downloaded over their network and allowed use up until a certain point - so it should be their responsibility.

Posted on Daring Fireball:

Nullriver NetShare

This story is downright bizarre. Nullriver — the company that spearheaded the jailbreak installer project — created an App Store app called NetShare, which enables an iPhone to share its EDGE or 3G Internet connection with a Mac or PC via Wi-Fi. That seems like a crazy app to build, given that there’d seemingly be no chance that Apple would accept it. But Apple did accept it, and it appeared on the App Store yesterday, selling for $10, and it apparently works as advertised.

Soon thereafter, though, NetShare disappeared from the store. Assuming that Apple does not wish to allow phone network tethering, it seems crazy that this app got through in the first place. The name alone — let alone the product description, or the fact that it came from the creators of — makes it very clear what it does.

UPDATE: As of this moment, NetShare is back in the App Store. I just bought a license a moment ago, as did Andy Baio.

The interesting thing that wasn't mentioned by Gruber is that you couldn't visit the App Store (through iTunes) and actually find the NetShare application page. A search for the term "netshare" yielded no results. However, if you typed the location into your browser or linked from the dozens of websites that posted the link - you could get to the app page 3 Hours after Gruber posted that message on Daring Fireball, the NetShare app was again removed from the iTunes App Store and has not returned.

As Gruber notes: Nullriver, creator of NetShare, also created the application Installer which allows and led to unlocking the iPhone for use on other carriers. It's interesting that Apple approved Nullriver as an App Store Developer to begin with.

With the recent iPhone OS 2.0.1 update many were surprised that NetShare wasn't disabled.

Apple would be in a quandary had it disabled the app. They would be forced to refund everyone who purchased the application which I'm sure by now has been in 1000's if not 10's of 1000's. Furthermore, it could cause a severe backlash and only serve to confirm Apple's heavy handedness in the App Store buying experience that critics have been so vocal about.

Nullriver posted this message to their website yesterday:

We’ve finally gotten in contact with Apple. Looks like the lack of communication was due to automated e-mail systems being employed on both ends, which resulted in e-mails being lost in transit. We’re working with Apple to get NetShare back up on the AppStore.

The most amazing thing about this application to me is that it essentially turns your iPhone into a mobile hotspot - much like this $200 solution that I discussed a few months back. Better still, you get to use the iPhone's unlimited data plan and not pay for a separate unlimited data plan for a wireless modem addon ($49.99 with a cellphone contract, $69.99 a month without).

* It will be interesting to see if AT&T will start to impose that artificial 5 GIG cap on unlimited plans.