Friday, July 11, 2008

Water For Gas Not A Scam?

Wow ...

Yesterday, my local NBC affiliate did a story on the internet craze of "Using Water For Gas". When I did my pieces on Hypermiling - these ads popped up on FixYourThinking and I read a few of them. It seems like 1000's are offering plans via a downloaded PDF file. The PDF contains instructions on how to build a device that uses copper wire, tubing, an aquarium filter, a cylindrical enclosure, baking soda, and about a quart of water. The device apparently produces a slight excess of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases and enhances the octane of your gas - much like nitrous does for racers or like putting premium grade gasoline in your car vs low grade. Their conclusion - in conjunction with the local technical college ... it actually works.

I had planned to try this out myself - now I definitely will.

I'm not sure why the local tv station paid $99 for their plans when it seems you can get the plans for free or as little as $49.99 in most places.

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