Monday, July 28, 2008

Review: The Swivel Sweeper

I'm not one to be enticed by the "Only 19.95 + Shipping & Handling" type of infomercials - I do enjoy watching them though - just see what kind of claims they make and if they use any clever advertising or camera tricks.

I've hated using a broom - getting down on the floor and sweeping the dust into a dust pan by nudging it backward a dozen times just to get all of it - occasionally having to use a piece of paper as my dust pan to get the real fine stuff.

Brooms also don't work on carpets.

For a few years - I've seen the commercials for The Swivel Sweeper - it looked cheap, cost to little to possibly work well, and it seems from the commercials that there might be some camera angles or clever marketing. On all counts of it being another scam - I was wrong. This thing can really replace a broom AND a vacuum cleaner. Yes, a vacuum cleaner!

A few weeks back I was in Staples Office Supply store where they have a new "As Seen On TV" section. With a 12% off coupon and a sale going on - I decided to try it out. My final cost was $22.00. For $48.00 shipped you get two of them on TV.

It amazingly picks up hair and string and dust balls and sand and cereal - just like the TV ads show. It lasts about 15 minutes on a charge - plenty of time to do my whole house where needed.

My only complications with the Swivel Sweeper is that it wraps hair very tightly around the rotating bristles and it's a bit hard to clean them from the rollers. You also need to learn how to use it. Just pushing it around won't yield good results - if you've ever seen the informaercial they kind of rub it on the floor with a quick back and forth motion . If you learn that it picks up amazingly well.

I don't really like pitching products like this - but this is truly an invention you should try!


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Can you let us know in 3-4 months how well it works?

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