Monday, July 14, 2008

Retailers getting to list on eBay for free?

As reported by SlashDot:

eBay's recent deal with appears to be seriously irritating its veteran individual sellers. The deal allows and other large fixed-price retailers to list millions of items on eBay without paying listing fees, and appears to be the direction that eBay will follow in the future. Understandably, individual sellers are outraged. 'I've paid eBay many hundreds of thousands in fees over the past several years and believed them when they talked about a level playing field. And they just plain and simple are going back on their word.' [said one seller]


I've noticed BUY.COM's listings for a Hawking Mac compatible wireless adapter. They offer it for the same price on their website as they do on eBay. They charge higher shipping for the eBay auction and offer no discounts on items. It ends up essentially just being a FREE shill advertisement for things on BUY.COM. Why would I buy on eBay when I can get the same thing for 10-20% less if I use a discount on BUY.COM? What if I wanted to sell this same adapter? Which actually I have looked into becoming an authorized Hawking reseller - how could I compete against someone who is getting to list for free who most likely was able to ink a better reseller deal with the manufacturer?

BUY.COM adapter

Same adapter, same price on eBay

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