Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reply Regarding McDooDoo

I received a followup email from McDonald's and followup phone call from the manager of the Buford GA McDonald's. While apologetic, his phone call seemed very "this is what I have to do". I was told that I was mistaken because the "Playplace is cleaned each night and a log is kept."

My beef with that comment is that the manager admitted that he and the rest of the lead staff was out for the weekend. Don't you remember that when the boss was out, you or someone else at your work would just check the list off rather than actually do it. I will back up with four others as witness that the doo doo was still on the play equipment on July 6th - after we initially saw it on July 2.

I didn't expect compensation, but I did expect a better response from such a company as McDonald's.

This is the mail corporate customer care of McDonald's sent me:

The Manager stated that the owner of the franchise was going to call me ... I never received that followup call or a detail of what was going to be done so I could report a positive outcome here on my website.

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Anonymous said...

Write to the Gwinnette county health inspector. You have proof they have lied about maintaining a clean play area, and they should be fined for that.