Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone Snaps

This first picture was taken at the Georgia Aquarium. The first place recommended to us was the "live animals" exhibit - this was the first "animal" in this hall - an African Penguin. We were a bit disappointed that we were sent to look at Frican Penguins.

My brother rents out his land to local cattle farmers - this is a new addition he got about two months ago - the cattle farmer calls it a "Sheepalo" and it is actually sheared just like a sheep for the wool.

While in Lowe's the other day I managed to catch this awesome sale. I'll bet I can't find this same sale any where else.

I guess stores are going to start advertising "no sale sales"... no price increases! Look! Our prices are NOT going up! See, was $29.87, but now...STILL $29.87!

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