Friday, July 25, 2008

Google invests $2.75 million into Aptera ... Apple should match it with $2.75 Billion

AutoBlogGreen> reports:

Google invests $2.75 million in Aptera

... back in September of 2006, GOOGLE.ORG, the philanthropic part of the Internet giant, announced that it would be investing in PHEVs [Personal Hybrid Electric Vehicles]. The following year, Google followed that bit of news up by launching its RechargeIT initiative which would begin investing in some for-profit manufacturers in an effort to see these fuel-saving products make it to market as quickly as possible. The first two investments from RechargeIT have now officially been announced, and at least one of the companies benefiting from the $2.75 million investment should be well known to our readers: Aptera.

We've been covering the futuristic new vehicle since it was first introduced, and its exciting to see the project mature to the point where people, in California at least, are anxiously awaiting the first electric Apteras to be delivered. This financing should only help matters as the company works to get its electric and hybrid vehicles to customers as quickly as possible.


I've posited before that Apple should just outright buy this company and have the most amazing car ever - with the amount of free press Apple gets - can you imagine how many people would pre-order?


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Well, if anything, it certainly looks like something that Apple would have designed in the first place, but as far as Apple investing in this thing, I'm not too sure about that? Apple has to be careful not to bite off more than it can chew - like they apparently did by trying to launch four major initiatives with the iPhone, MobileMe, the App Store, etc.

Apple can't afford too many more screw ups or they will begin to be perceived as just another big Microsoft type of outfit. Heaven's forbid that ever happening.

Paul Douglas said...

I understand why you want Apple to invest in them and why you think they should. God knows I want that company to have a fat wad of cash too (I'm a huge supporter of electric drive). Unfortunately, I don't think Apple will do it. It's a bit out of left-field.