Friday, July 18, 2008

Bidzirk ... Going Going Gone

As many dedicated readers know ... I was involved in a nasty, lengthy legal battle with a company called Bidzirk for most of 2006 & 2007. The eBay consignment company sued me for defamation, invasion of privacy, and copyright/trademark infringement. None of their claims held up in court and the Plaintiff attorney was sanctioned, scolded, and embarrassed in an unprecedented fashion. I'm in the process of filing my own legal action as I lost the majority of my business, remained depressed during most of the legal action, and lost the time to do much else than file paperwork for the court Pro Se (= defending myself in court). My name and all my personal information, plus my finances, and multiple instances of embarrassing comments are littered across the internet from sites that have aggregated every piece of paperwork and filing from my case.

Some interesting developments occurred over the last few days ...

1) It has been made known to me that Bidzirk has let go employees.

2) I reviewed their auctions (which have gone from 1000's of listings to less than 200) - it appears they are selling off assets. I remember the good ole days when I saw this monitor in a Bidzirk drop off store. It also seems as if they are selling off their entire photography studio.

And I'm not sure but I think that even this light was in a Bidzirk location at one time.

3) I'd stop by and recommend a buy on some these items - The owner of Bidzirk was a Jurassic Park John Hammond spare no expense kind of guy. His attorney reminds me of the attorney in Jurassic Park as well - a wise cracking "know it all" - full of petty insults.

One last Jurassic Park comparison - my nickname is Rus - remember what the TyranosauRus did to the attorney?

This is the lighting studio where Bidzirk took pictures for its eBay auctions. (Also up for auction.) I would imagine they're keeping one to list the rest of the inventory.

When everything started going down hill and I started to write my article (the one I was sued over) ... I saw other businesses similar to Bidzirk struggling ... then iSoldit started getting press for franchise fraud. My business partner (best friend) and I gave the model of eBay consignment stores two more years and then we predicted it would be out of business. iSoldit! has all but failed and left a wake of misery in its path. Now Bidzirk seems to be on the same imminent path. If only the owner had listened to me. If only he hadn't spent 100's of thousands (yes 100's of thousands) to fight me in court ... maybe he'd have capital for the lean times ahead.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. And congratulations!! Best of luck in the future. I would write more, but Bidjerk might sue me :)

Anonymous said...

"One last Jurassic Park comparison - my nickname is Rus - remember what the TyranosauRus did to the attorney?" okay that's a stretch and an awkward one too

Anonymous said...

For the first anonymous: good comment. Congratulations are certainly due to an individual that a) stands up to a company helmed by someone wealthy and powerful enough to keep him locked in litigation for two years,
b) stand that ground without benefit of legal counsel to represent him as a pro se litigant,
c) do so in the name of the right of bloggers everywhere to report news and information as journalists as long as it is properly reported
d) in so doing, end up providing a case basis for bloggers everywhere to be able to do what they do legally without the threat of harrassment of larger entities suing them
e) winning virtually every case, by himself, and hanging on to see the exact outcome predicted in the article.

Oh, and by the way, you can write as much as you want because:
a) Rus has given you the right to do so
b) I don't think Bidzirk will be suing anyone ever again.

To anonymous #2: an awkward stretch? How about a literary analogy that's supposed to convey a general idea in the form of a video or picture?
There was a point in time where this lawyer could not even be found for comment or contact. Check out his website, the address of which is in several articles. Do you see any updates?
Don't comment unless you know what you're commenting about. You need to do a little catching up on the story. If you made this comment based on this one post you're missing the whole point.