Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Touch This Lawsuit

As reported by Engadget:

Typhoon Touch Technologies ...in December [2007] sued Dell and Motion Computing for infringing two of its patents on touchscreen computers, and armed with favorable settlements from Motion Computing and Electrovaya, Typhoon's gone ahead and joined a host of other companies to the Dell suit.

Engadget reports that Apple is one of those receiving a summons.

From BusinessWire:

“The addition of these defendants is a further step in protecting Typhoon’s IP from being unfairly exploited. Hopefully, the world of potential infringers will take notice that it is the Company’s intent to aggressively protect its intellectual property,” stated Craig Weiner, Esq., from the law firm of Hofheimer, Gartlir & Gross LLP in New York City, Director of Legal Affairs and Licensing for Typhoon. “As alleged in the amended complaint, Typhoon believes that numerous defendants are selling and/or offering for sale -- what could be millions of devices -- which may infringe Typhoon’s patents.”

Typhoon Touch Technologies and its licensee and co-plaintiff, Nova Mobility Systems, Inc., previously reached an out-of-court settlement with Motion Computing, Inc. and recently completed a settlement with Electrovaya Inc., wherein Electrovaya recognized the validity of Typhoon’s patents at issue in the litigation, acknowledged infringement of one or more of the patent claims and made an undisclosed royalty payment of at least 20% on past and future sales of its Scribbler Tablet PC’s in the United States.


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