Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Solar Power For The MacBook Air = 16 HRS Of Battery Life!

QuickerTek announced the Apple Juicz - a new way to power the Apple MacBookAir using solar power. Three models are priced from $500 to $1,000 USD. Eachfolds to a convenient 10.5 size & come with a Element carry bag. The solar panels charge the MacBook Air while in use.

* requires a modded MagSafe adapter and is an unlicensed Apple product

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

Very interesting indeed, but sadly, very expensive as well!

Hopefully, in the future, they can get the cost down?

Anonymous said...

I was excited by this... at first.. but there are two HUGE drawbacks

1) HUGE price of $500 to $1,000
2) HUGE footprint of 30" to 60".

Plus you have to spend at least another $25 to let them "upgrade" your power adapter or buy a pre-upgraded one for $100.

I can't think of a practical way to use this because of it's size. Where can you physically unfold it where you also need this amount of usage AND don't have access to another power source.

Great idea, just completely impractical. Here's hoping solar technology gets smaller and cheaper very soon!

FYT said...

I agree ... too expensive and too big ... I posted it because the promise is cool ... but moreso as a consumer alert... Apple voids your warranty with this product.

Anonymous said...

anonymous@5:00pm here

What does Apple void your warrantee on? I didn't see anything about that. Obviously, if you have your charger "upgraded" you charger has no warrantee. Do they specifically say that third-party charges void the warrantee? But if anything happens to your MacBook because of this solar charger, how would Apple even ever know?

If this could get smaller and cheaper, say small enough to fit on the back of the screen. Even at $500... that'd be amazing! Free power! I'd keep my MacBook near a sunlit window whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

The reality with solar electricity right now is that it is very inefficient. To get any benefit at all the panels have to be quite sizable.

I think solar is a great technology that needs to be developed more but this is really impractical. I remember solar accessories for the older powerbooks that were much smaller and less expensive.