Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NASCAR using Hypermiling to win races?

From AutoBlogGREEN:

Hypermiling techniques are nothing new for people who want to save fuel. Often, these techniques involve avoiding sudden acceleration and slamming on the brakes. So, what do you do if you want to conserve fuel while speeding up and slowing down as quickly as possible? Why not turn to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for some advice.

Dale, Jr. squeezed out a recent win at the Michigan International Speedway by, basically, race hypermiling. He drove his last 110 miles (55 times around the two-mile track) without refueling. At his last pit stop, his crew estimated he'd need to refuel with about six laps to go, but Earnhardt turned the engine off and coasted when the caution flag was out to stretch his distance. He was actually coasting when he crossed the finish line, and ran out of fuel almost immedieately after the win.

According to Earnhardt, hypermiling techniques are not his trick alone on the track: "Everybody's doing it," he told ESPN.

I can't quite remember where I read it ... but I thought Hypermiling was FIRST USED in NASCAR.

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