Monday, June 16, 2008

The Me Generation ..

Found via Daring Fireball:

With the MobileMe unveiling (and that of its complementary domain, it’s looking like a shift is afoot for Apple—a shift that may be every bit as significant as the shift from PowerPC to the Intel processor, but a shift in ideology whose signs may be found in the simple grammatical switch from subject (I) to object (me).

The article concludes:

... ambiguous concepts that appeal to the ego like ‘I’ and ‘me’ are typically put into play haphazardly by marketeers trying to sell you stuff. But in the case of a company as ideologically solid as Apple, the concepts used in marketing the products we wait for and lust after can often be the clearest signs of what is to come.


Interesting ... the article alludes to the shift from home computing to distributed computing ... things will stream to your devices in the future - you will rent; not own. Owning only the device used access the rentals. "I" implies ownership that it belongs to "me" - yet "me" implies my stuff is somewhere ... here's me online on my MYSPACE page - contrasts sharply with here I am.

* I watched with interest as Intel introduced their new "Interactive 3D Streaming" technology to control and view a complex game like World Of Warcraft or Second Life remotely. This will be promoted as a way for all devices to become both power of CPU and operating system agnostic - what it will mean is beginning of "renting your applications".

I noticed a few weeks ago how my life has shifted dramatically in the last 10 or so years - from a completely mobile person - always on the move ... to a completely stationary person who's always navigating my virtual space and the internet. Then ... I paid for gasoline ... now I pay for internet access. Losing my internet connection is the same as losing my car at this point. While I've adapted quite well and seem to have more free time to love, be loved, and find love ... I'm not sure I like being anybody but who I am.

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