Thursday, June 26, 2008

iPhone Snaps

This first set of pictures is from a local Chinese restaurant with a "LOST CAT" flyer in the window. That cat will never be found.

This next picture is of a local "bargain chain store" brand of panty liners - there's humor in "Fred's Pantiliners" somewhere.

I actually didn't get this Apple product reference - so I had to look on the bottom of the bag for the answer. I-BEAN?, SIGHT-PEA? I felt stupid once I saw iPod™. This bag is a part of a kid's meal at Wendy's restaurants.

This letter was written by a 9 year old:

"I live in Liberty South Carolina. The best part about Liberty is my school. It is fun and I get to learn. There are some changes I would make to Liberty. First, I would add more schools. So we can have less people. Next, I would add more restaurants. I think we should add a McDonald's. I love to live in Liberty.

By Sarah Chappell

I found this letter in the city hall in Liberty, South Carolina while walking around during what is called Liberty Idol - a local version of American Idol. I've always thought that schools weren't making individuals anymore - they are just meat grinders. * see below

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