Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chiquita Uses Bananas To Communicate

As reported by ComputerWorld:

Manjit Singh, Chief Information Operator at Chiquita Brands International Inc (Banana Company) :

“I have nothing against iPhone. It’s great, but we’re a BlackBerry shop, and I don’t think iPhone brings anything new to the table. It has a great user experience, but that’s all.”


Anything new? Have you ever tried to surf the internet on a Blackberry vs an iPhone? With the addition of push email to the iPhone - I see nothing new the Blackberry will be able to offer.

This guy wreaks of being offered subsidy, kickback, or having just plain ignorance.

I would hate for an executive in my company to think that I cherish a bandwagon over a great user experience. I know a lot of people like Blackberrys, but I know of NO Blackberry user that I've showed my iPhone to that would MUCH rather have what I've got than what they've got.


Anonymous said...

The comment by the banana guy was more than reasonable. Businesses typically have contracts with wireless companies and have an investment in not only the handsets, but also servers, applications, training, and management.

His comment that the iPhone was great but doesn't bring anything new to the table was accurate. There is, in fact, a lot that the iPhone DOESN'T bring to the business table.

It doesn't have anything even remotely like the Blackberry Enterprise Server to push out not only email but also contacts, calendar events, tasks, etc. It also does not have the multiplicity of applications developed specifically but its platform like the Blackberry does.

I am a big fan of the iPhone and think its great for consumers and possibly small business. It is NOT an enterprise phone and can't hold a candle to the Blackberry and I don't think that anyone at Apple would dispute that. I also don't think that anyone at Apple has positioned it for business and I don't think that they will anytime real soon.

Don't discount the importance of experience and depth in the market. Apple doesn't have it in the business sector. Even if they were to start positioning it as such in the near future, they would still be battling a very well-established base and depth of experience that really only Blackberry has. Microsoft has been trying to chip away at that base for the last two or three years and has had very limited success.

Yes, its a cool phone but it is not practical for the kind of business that a large company like Chiquita does on a daily basis. Again, I'm a big fan of the iPhone and I might get one in the near future. That said, I would never recommend it to a business of any size in the near future and think that it would be a bad recommendation to do so.

FYT said...

Buzmania ...

Obviously you don't keep up with Apple news.

1) Steve Jobs said it was Apple's first goal to make this a consumer hit - as with the iPod.

2) iPhone 2.0 software DOES have microsoft exchange server and push email capabilities - BUT Apple wanted to wait until iPhone 2.0 HARDWARE for this iPhone 2.0 software (eventhough BOTH 1.0 & 2.0 will support it)

3) What rock have you been under to not hear about the iTunes app store - just so you know Blackberrys and the Blackberry network have had MULTIPLE security breaches over the last two years - the iPhone has been closed to prevent this and the iPhone app distribution should be MUCH more secure.