Monday, June 09, 2008

4 Reasons Early Adopters Don't Need a 3G iPhone Upgrade

iPhone 1.0 adopters are already hawking their first-gen iPhones and preparing to line up for the new model. But fear not: Monday won’t just be about the new iPhone, it’ll be about what’s new for your iPhone. Here’s why you should keep your “old” phone (until it breaks, anyway).

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And don't forget that I have an exclusive report on how to get 3G on your first generation iPhone without any hacks - that I already use every day.

I don't think the CPU is changing inside the iPhone - so the 1.0 phone will be no less responsive than the 2.0. AT&T has promised not only expanded 3G coverage but faster EDGE as well


Paul Douglas said...

Well, Apple have me 100% sold on iPhone 3G's hardware. Just waiting on O2 announcing UK Pricing and Tariffs. If the price is reasonable and the rumoured Pay/Go option appears, I'ma get me a White one.

FYT said...

JensonB ...

It appears to be $199 EURO

It will require in store activation vs iTunes activation though.